Stage hypnosis trainers and stage hypnotists both agree that one names comes up in every conversation regarding a stage hypnotist for either G Rated hypnosis shows or R Rated hypnosis shows; stage hypnotist Jack J. Laurie. - Hypnosis Entertainment


Stage Hypnosis; what is it really?

Okay, I know some of you are saying that this is all a joke. That the people up on stage are faking it. Or worse yet the hypnotist brings actors with him to fake us out. Let me tell you I have heard these comments before and I even had an executive from an Atlantic City casino that I worked at ask me if I took people (ringers) with me. I told him sure I did, I flew 15 people down to Costa Rico, put them up on the cruise ship (was working for Carnival Cruise Lines), then we stayed there for the day and I flew them home. We got a laugh and moved on from there.

I can guarantee you that there is nothing fake about a Jack Laurie Hypnosis Show. I will walk in, and take people from the audience or group, and make their imaginations soar. See that's what it is all about. Tying into that part of the subconscious mind that makes up who we are. Yes it can get silly at times, but hey that is why you got me instead of the other guy. :-)

Shows usually last 58 to 90 minutes depending on what the client want. In some venues like ships and casinos the man in charge will tell you to the minute how long to make the hypnosis show. Don't even think of going over your time limit when working for a casino or ship! High Schools and Colleges and other such events are not as time sensitive, and that makes for fun for everyone, including the hypnotist. There are G Rated hypnosis shows, and there are R Rated hypnosis shows. Each different rated show has its place and I never mix the two. So if you want a G Rated hypnosis show rest assured that is what you will get. Some venues want a little more adult oriented show, and I can tell you with the same conviction that we can put on a tasteful and sexy adult show with as much professionalism as we do the G Rated hypnosis shows.

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stage hypnosis, stage hypnotist

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